Gypsy Real Estate 101

So you’ve just put roots down in Dallas, expecting to be there for another year or so then BOOM! He gets that call you talk about- but never take too seriously…three days later your things are in boxes and you’re on the move. You my dear are just like me, a gypsy. No no, not in the Esmerelda-Notre Dame sense, you’re a nomadic creature with way better eyebrows than the Disney-movie character.

Things will happen quickly, so having a plan-even for the unexpected is always a good idea. Maybe you guys haven’t bought a home and you’ll have to rent until things are more concrete. This is totally fine and you’re not alone but before you sign on the dotted line for an apartment with an insane premium, because of the short nature, do a little research as to what the penalties are for breaking your lease early.

Some places will let you go free and clear, as long as you abide by their termination clause in their lease agreements, but some places will try and take you for all you’re worth. I’m going to clue you in on a few secrets into the apartment world that will keep you from fudging up your rental history, because we all know this won’t be the last time you have to move on the fly, sister.

  • Talk to a real estate agent in the area about rental homes as opposed to apartments. Some landlords are more understanding of your situation. You can also use apartment locating services, which in most cases are free! ( I do this for a living in Dallas and when I say free, I really mean it!)
  • Yelp everything. From your real estate agent to the property itself, yes people more often than not leave emotion-filled reviews but you'll find a lot of users on Yelp also leave reviews of GREAT experiences.
  • Have a plan for any situation good or bad. Your man is focused on his job so he won't think about the possibility of being released or waived but it can happen at any time, so being prepared will do nothing but help your situation if it should arise!

So moral of the story, I feel like a mom saying this but- always have a plan. Take a deep breath and research before you pour money into something that could negatively affect your credit. Every state is different but if you're ever in Texas and need help, feel free to reach out!

I hope you're having a a blast with regular season just starting up!! Don't forget you are the strength that your man needs off the field. Keep up the good work you beauties.