Faith = Strength

Faith = Strength

"True strength is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles. It's about having faith..."

Obviously, we all know the importance of faith. It doesn’t have to be synonymous with religion or being spiritual (although absolutely all of that is connected depending on your personal beliefs). But for the purpose of unifying everyone together in this article, I’m just talking about good ole’ fashioned faith. BELIEVING.  


It is only week 6 of hopefully many more weeks ahead for our boys. (16 weeks until Super Bowl 51, but who’s counting). Unfortunately, some of our men might already be injured or some might not be catching the big break that you know they deserve. But, have faith. BELIEVE.

"Rise above it all...Have faith."

I know it is so hard in this day in age with social media and every single “fan” thinking they are the smartest know-it-all. One missed tackle, throw, catch or kick and everyone hiding behind a screen name for whatever reason feels confident enough to give their horrific, demeaning, and inaccurate two cents (There is a reason why they don’t play football or coach). They need to support us...not hate us. I can also rant about the media these days as well. They are constantly giving their personal opinions. What ever happened to accurate journalism and reporting? (As someone who graduated with a journalism degree—this upsets me). But that is beside the point. Rise above it all. Block it out. You know the truth about your significant other and your coaches, teammates and personnel do too. BELIEVE.

"Stay hopeful. Stay humble. Stay strong."

Be there for the women on your team. They are your family away from home. Be there for all your fellow women in the NFL. We are all in the same boat. The overflowing love and support will build you up. Let as much negativity as you can escape you. It will all be OK. Breathe. Stay positive. Stay hopeful. Stay humble. Stay strong. Have faith in your husband/fiancé/boyfriend. Have faith in God. Keep your faith strongest. Never stop BELIEVING. I am sending each and every one of you love, support and prayers for a healthy and successful season

xoxo, Jacqui