Proper Etiquette For Wedding Season

picjumbo.com_IMG_4828Wedding season is quickly approaching! I wanted to pass along some words of wisdom on proper etiquette while attending a wedding. Here are five things to keep in mind (and follow) as a guest:  

1. Répondez S'il Vous Plaît

No one understands the importance of an RSVP until they have planned a wedding. I used to never return the little card tucked into each wedding invitation. But once you've experienced how frustrating and disorganized it can be, you will  make sure to get back to the bride. If you haven't had the pleasure (sense my sarcasm?) of planning a wedding, please send back the card...and on time! It takes one minute.

Tip: With the technology we have today, there is absolutely no excuse you cannot find two seconds to contact the bride (not the groom because he will forget to tell the bride, haha!). Email, Facebook, call, text,  something!

2. Stop Wearing White

Times have changed a bit when it comes to wearing white to a wedding. It used to be considered rude to show up in a white dress – to avoid 'upstaging' the bride. Recently, wearing a white dress –that doesn't necessarily emulate a wedding gown– is considered acceptable (that means no lace or beading!).

While it may be a new trend that white is acceptable at a wedding, your bride may still be old-school. Take me for example. I was offended by the women who showed up to my wedding in white. My word of advice: it's her wedding! Let her be the only one wearing white. You have hundreds of other colors to choose from.

Tip: If you absolutely feel the need to wear white, ask yourself : "could I wear this dress to my own wedding rehearsal?" If the answer is 'yes',  you should pick a different dress.

3. "Best Wishes" to the Bride

With all the engagement and wedding announcements on social media, I am appalled by the overwhelming amount of people that were never taught this. Congratulations go to the man and well wishes to the bride-to-be/bride. Apparently, the background to this is the idea that the man is considered the 'lucky one' so he should be congratulated for pulling the girl. Haha strange, right?

4. No One Wants Your Kids at Their Wedding

It's a rarity that your children are invited to the wedding. A wedding is  a celebratory time–with usually a lot of alcohol–and not an ideal spot for the kiddos. It's quite annoying when kids are screaming during the ceremony (ruining the couple's wedding video) and running around at the reception.  Not to mention, you're costing the happy couple $20+ for each child to eat chicken fingers.

Tip: Unless your invitation is addressed to the "_____ Family,"  your entire family is not invited. Take a date night and leave the kids with someone. 

5. Stick to Your Word

Depending which state the wedding is in, the bride and groom are shelling out a minimum of $50/plate. If you and your guest, for whatever reason, decide not to go, you've just cost the couple $100.

A lot of couples have a budget. They decided to invite you over someone else. When you don't show up after saying you would, it's rude.

Tip: If you don't make the reception, consider sending a check or gift equal to what you cost them. It's obviously not required, but it will 'make-up' for your faux pas.