4 of the Best and Easiest Health and Fitness Apps

Starting your day right - bright and early with a healthy breakfast - isn’t incredibly hard. What can get you is the two minutes you have for a good lunch and the tempting option of fast food for dinner. Not to mention trying to squeeze in a workout in between carpool or errands. The way I have found to hold yourself accountable are fitness apps right on your phone! These handy programs allow you to track your calories and workouts so that one slip-up doesn’t derail your entire day.

Some great, simple apps are:


Mainly for the outdoor, naptime runner, it allows you to set weight loss and distance goals and gives you great training programs to follow. Runkeeper also lets you team up with friends or other runners so they can push you to be your best! Runkeeper


This app by Bodybuilding.com lets you create a profile with before and after pictures and gives you a ton of amazing workout routines to follow by some of the worlds top fitness pros! You can also rate and describe your workout in order to pin point exactly what pushes you harder.


Mindbody Connect

This is more of a class scheduling app. You can sign up for all kinds of great classes in your area and keep track of how many you have attended. It also makes buying class packages so much easier!


Lose it!

With a huge database of foods and a barcode scanner, this app is perfect for busy bees on the go! Everything you’ve eaten and all your workouts are displayed in a really easy-to-read graph so you know exactly where you are in your daily goal. Users can join challenges and earn badges making losing weight more fun!