[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image="1976" img_size="large"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all have that one thing that we love to do. Whether it’s making candles or interior design, there is something that not only comes naturally but is far from a burden. For me it is writing. I love to write but I am also very conscious about how I divvy up my time. With three businesses, clients and employees to manage, and a household to take care of, my extracurricular activities have to serve double duty. This is the case for many women.  

Turning a hobby into a lucrative business is not only doable but can be very rewarding. I have the pleasure of personally knowing women who have taken hobbies that they loved and turned them into reputable businesses.

Love Lucy Candles

Rockhelle Johnson, owner and artisan of Love Lucy Candles, started mixing fragrances and pouring 100% all natural soy-candles for fun. She sent her hand-crafted candles to her family and friends as Christmas gifts, and immediately received rave reviews. She began to receive request after request for her custom candles. After receiving orders to a company that had not yet been created, she quickly realized that she needed to listen to her future customers but more importantly to her heart. She works full time in the heart of Capitol Hill but she did not want to succumb to the demands of her job and pass on this opportunity. Making candles was something that she enjoyed so she used what she learned from working with high level e-commerce and started Love Lucy Candles, affectionately named after her mother who she lost as a college student. Love Lucy Candles celebrated its two year anniversary in July and is booming in the DMV area. Visit for more information!

Allusions by A. LeKay

Altrichia Cook, owner and designer of Allusions by A. LeKay, simply wanted a swimsuit that hid her scars that she acquired on her journey to motherhood. She asked a seamstress to create her design for a beach vacation. She posted her photos on her social media accounts and her swimsuit was an instant hit. After receiving countless questions about her swimsuit, particularly because it was high-waisted, she realized that other women were having the same issue. So she created more designs and the company Allusions by A. LeKay was born. Altrichia has a full time job and is very active in her community but that didn’t stop her from turning her small brand into a household name. In only two years, she has presented her work at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, has won several business awards, has been in well-known magazines, and has had her designs worn by countless celebrities including Nicki Minaj. Visit for more information!

Lainie Bug’s Boutique

Kristle Pressley, owner/designer of Lainie Bug’s Boutique and fellow NFL WAG, loves shopping and dressing her daughter Lainie. One of her top priorities was protecting her feet when she first started to walk. She wanted something that would be stylish and comfortable but more importantly that gave her daughter the freedom to let her natural step progress. She discovered moccasins and instantly fell in love. She quickly realized that she could create a brand that would help mothers just like her. Her genuine cow leather moccasins are handmade and are shipped from her home in Atlanta, GA. Lainie Bug’s Boutique recently had its grand opening and it’s already making a splash in the Atlanta area. Visit for more information.

The Painted Pretzel

Raven Thomas, owner/creator of The Painted Pretzel and fellow NFL WAG, was a stay at home mom when she created her first painted pretzel. She sent her decadent pretzels to family and friends as gifts for the holiday to save money. She was immediately swarmed with requests for more pretzels. Within months she had more orders than she could handle. Her products were featured in Neiman Marcus department stores, Sam’s Club and other big box stores. After having to turn down a $2 million order from Sam’s Club, Raven appeared on the hit television show Shark Tank where she landed a deal with Dallas Maverick’s Owner, Mark Cuban. She went from $75,000 in sales to over $1 million after appearing on the show. Raven’s motivation for pursuing her company was her sons. She wanted to show them that they could achieve whatever was in their hearts. Visit for more information.

The common theme among all of these women is the will to take an idea and turn it into something bigger. When telling their stories, each woman speaks about conquering fears and stepping out on faith. They pushed the fear of failure to the side and focused on doing what they loved. Raven said it best "the worst thing you can do to a great idea is allow it to die in the same place it was conceived: in your heart." I encourage you to take a step of faith and turn that hobby into a business!

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