A Bad Day Does Not Make You A Bad Mom

When was the last time you thought, “Wow. I’m really getting the hang of this mom thing”? You know, those really rare days that are so few and far between that you can count them on one hand? I had one of those days today, and I gotta say it made me think.

Why is it that we never feel as though we’re doing a good enough job? It’s not as if this life came with a manual. I love playing with my babies and teaching them new things; when the days are good, they’re great. However, when the days are bad, I find myself contemplating running away. They probably wouldn’t miss me anyway. What's funny to me is that I have so many people who tell me how great of a mom I am (not that I disagree) and how I seem to always have it all together. I blame it on social media because don’t we all show the best of our lives?

My whole point is that, even those who seem to always have it all together do not have good days every day. A bad moment, a bad day, or a bad week DOES NOT make you a bad mom. If anything, it makes you human. It's okay to not be okay. I enjoy finding new ways to be interactive with my children, but some days I have work to do (or maybe I’m not feeling well). For those special days, I have Disney Jr. to thank for babysitting my children.

I reminisce on the beginning— days when I handmade all my first child’s meals because I wanted to give him the best. I spent countless hours reading articles to see what was best for him and what would make my life easier. Flash forward to present-day where I could put the same amount of work in only to have him say, “I want a happy meal!” My daughter is easy, she will eat anything and everything. Which is great, right? Until it’s play time and you think she’s playing nicely with her brother and she’s actually just eating the Crayola blue sand. Thanks "Mimi"! Good idea to get them a sand box. But hey, it’s called balance right?

I love the mom I am on the good days when I feel like I really have it together, when I’m able to fully engage and smile and be happy all the time. I wish I could always be that mom. I’ve learned though, that it’s okay to not be her all the time. Sometimes I’m the mom that’s on the very edge of her last nerve— the one that can’t answer another question, the one that’s about to have a breakdown because nothing seems to be going right.

It’s okay to not have it all together and, more importantly, it’s okay to ask for help. There are some days when my significant other comes home and I pull the daddy day care card. It IS necessary to have a moment to yourself to get a pedicure, take a relaxing bath or get away and pass out for a thirty minute power nap (like I did the other day).  As the saying goes, "You can’t pour from an empty cup." So true! The Bible says “my cup overflows” which can’t happen if you don’t keep your cup full and take care of yourself first. The blessings that overflow are the ones that allow you to bless other people and give to other people.

So stay strong and know that you’re a great mama!