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Is football season over for you and your partner? Are you glad it's over? Do you wish your team was still playing? Did you think your team would go to the Super Bowl this year? Are you getting ready to plan your wedding during post-season?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you! I know they say  “BALL IS LIFE!” To some extent that is true because of the opportunities and financial stability that football provides our partners with. However, it is beneficial to take time off to relax your mind. Some of our partners may sit on the couch to debrief and reflect on the season, play video games (Because men love playing 2k right?), or continuously watch football as a way to ease their mind. Getting the time to truly relax is essential to self-care.


So now that the season is over, your partner may be pretty bummed about not making the playoffs. He may be in a funk, or mentally and physically fatigued. On the brighter side of things, you and your partner have more time to spend with friends, family and each other. 

Photo cred: @morganakamomo

Photo cred: @morganakamomo

So what are some things you can do in the off-season to get his mind off of football?

Here are five ways to enjoy post-season:


1. Vacation: Take A Trip

A Post-Season Vacation is always rejuvenating. It is a refreshing way to conclude the season. A change of scene is always invigorating to embrace change. Traveling allows you to embrace new cultures, possibly learn a new language, and meet new people. Most importantly, it allows you to explore a part of the world you may have never known existed.

Here are some Post-Season vacation ideas:

Enjoy a wonderful day on the beach, go horseback riding, snorkeling in the ocean, bicycling around the beach shore, or even sledding in the snow. The season is over so taking a vacation is always an essential way to enjoy your partner.

Photo cred: @mirandabrooke_

Photo cred: @mirandabrooke_

Fun Tip:  Bring a professional camera to capture high quality photos. Print the photos and create a scrapbook for memories or even utilize them as a Valentines Day, Birthday or Just Because Gift! 

Photo cred: @mrsadriennebosh

Photo cred: @mrsadriennebosh

2.    Creative Hobby: Painting/Cooking Class

If traveling is something that you and your partner always participate in, try painting or cooking classes! In Atlanta, there is a painting center called Sips and Strokes! It's a fun place that teaches you how to paint step by step while eating food and drinking your choice of beverage.


Romantic date nights are fun. Trying new restaurants and fine cuisine with your partner is always a great idea. Drawing, painting and cooking together are artistic outlets.  Trying new cuisines in a new city or foreign country is a memorable experience. Have you ever considered taking a cooking class where the chef comes to your residence and shows you how to prepare a 5-course meal? Cooking with a private chef or painting instructor is a fun date night idea to participate in with your significant other. 


3.    Relax, Release and Rejuvenate: Manicures & Pedicures Spa Day

We know that our men use their feet a lot for running, training, practicing and scoring touchdowns. As women, keeping our hands and toes done is a must (for me at least!) I look forward to getting coffin-shaped nails and a pedicure! What I love even more is treating my fiancé to a pedicure. Not by his choice but keeping his feet done is a must. Not only does he need to keep them trimmed, he always enjoys a great foot massage.


4.    Have a Fun Photo-shoot: Take Family Photos

Some families make it an annual thing to take Christmas photos, photos in pajamas or even just because photos. Professional Photos are a fun and creative way to spice up your home décor, use as family portraits, baby announcements, gender reveals, wedding invites or even Christmas cards.


Choose a theme and have fun with your family photos.

Photo cred: @gabunion

Photo cred: @gabunion

5.     Go back to your alma meter (High School, College)

Speak to the athletes and inform them of your journey! They will love to hear your experiences. EACH ONE TEACH ONE! They are the future and hearing from an alumnus that is a professional athlete will really inspire them! Giving back is also a great way to take care of self.

Photo cred: @gabunion

Photo cred: @gabunion


1.     Vacation/Take a Trip

2.     Creative Activity: Painting/Cooking with chef

3.     Relax, Release and Rejuvenate: Manicures & Pedicures Spa Day

4.     Have a Fun Photo-shoot: Take Family Photos

5.     Return to your alma meter (High School, College) and speak to the student-athletes

What fun activities are you participating in during post-season?


Written by: Chynna Miley