Empowering Women: Tapping into our inner and outer beauty

"I want to redefine how the cosmetic industry caters to ethnic women while empowering all women of all ages to tap into their inner and outer beauty."

The gorgeous Nicole Camack is on a mission to elevate the beauty and cosmetic industry. When she is not making others look and feel beautiful, she is taking care of her boyfriend Marcus Gilchrist, safety for the New York Jets and their beautiful baby girl Sophia.

"Where did you and Marcus first meet? What is your greatest joy about being in a relationship? Being a mom?"

Our relationship started as a long distance commitment, after a blind date arranged by a childhood friend,  we had instant chemistry, lots of similar interests and a good vibe going on between us. He was playing for the San Diego Chargers in California and I was a workaholic in New York City. We made so many sacrifices to make our long distance relationship work, and my greatest joy is knowing that I found my soulmate who loves and supports me through all of life's ups and downs. My greatest joy about being a mom is that every day,  I get to wake up to my happy angel baby. Being a mother is the HARDEST job I have ever done but it is truly one of my greatest accomplishments.

When did you decide you wanted to pursue your dream as a stylist, artist, and leader in product development?  What inspired you to pursue this journey? I was always creative and "dibbled and dabbled" in different realms of the beauty industry since I was a little girl. After graduating from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, I moved to New York City, a major hub for the beauty industry and a pivotal career move in helping me succeed in the cosmetic product development industry.  My serious love for beauty and fashion coupled with my Marketing Degree landed me with a position with 24seven, an elite agency that places top talent with some of the most renowned creative companies in the world.  I obtained a phenomenal opportunity with one of the top leaders in the makeup industry and a creative director for a few prominent cosmetic lines. Needless to say, I was awarded the position and the rest is history.

What made you create a Beauty and Style channel on YouTube?  YouTube is a powerful tool to reach the masses and my ultimate goal is to teach and inspire. Makeup application can be intimidating but, I want to encourage people to be creative with their makeup and allow it to bring out their inner creative genius. I also want to promote and instill that beauty begins from within. Finally, with the recent rise of cyber bullying; I just want to help young women raise their self esteem level and master their own perception of beauty.

How do you balance supporting Marcus, taking care of your family and chasing your own dreams? Is there ever any guilt, frustrations or added stress when juggling both of your hectic schedules?  Being a mom is rewarding but also exhausting; however, Marcus and I are a great team. As our daughter learns and grows we are learning and growing with her throughout this journey. The beauty of our relationship is no matter how busy life gets, we always make quality time for each other.

What would you tell other women that may be interested in pursuing a similar  career path? No one is you and that is your power!

Life Mantra or favorite quote.“Being impeccable with your word is the correct use of your energy; it means to use your energy in the direction of truth and love". -Don Miguel Ruiz

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