Holiday Decor in a Small Living Space

Like many other WAGS, apartment living has become the norm for my family. When your significant other has to move from one side of the country to the other, in the middle of the season, it is very hard to pack up a house, sell it, and move within a short period of time.  Apartments are very convenient, allowing short term leasing and catering to the instability of the NFL. The downside to living in an apartment during the holidays is most definitely the lack of ability to personalize décor. I love holiday decorations and if I had my way, I would probably paint my door red and green. However, I’ve had to learn to be creative and work with what I have. Here are a few helpful tips when decorating your apartment for the holidays.

I love holiday decorations and if I had my way, I would probably paint my door red and green.

  • Opt for a small artificial Christmas tree over a large live tree. Unfortunately, some apartments do not allow live trees because of the fire risk it poses. Also, a real tree may not be conducive to a small space that may already be cramped. A small artificial tree is not only a space saver, it is also cost-effective. I was able to pick up a pre-lit six feet tree from Target for only $30.
  • String lights along the balcony/porch. I love driving past houses during the holidays and observing all of the amazing lighting, inflatable snowmen, and reindeer. Apartments however, lack the yard space for such a display. This is where lighting a balcony comes in handy. A simple outlining of the railing will give your apartment a sleek holiday look, and also make it stand out amongst your neighbors.
  • Purchase evergreen-scented packs and hang them inside of the tree. I know there is nothing like the smell of a live fir tree to put you in the mood for some holiday caroling. This is a smell that an artificial tree will never be able replicate on its own, but a brilliant person came up with this solution. The evergreen-scented packs will definitely fill a home with the smell of a freshly cut tree.
  • Hang a holiday wreath on the door. Like I said before, I would love to paint my door and definitely get in the holiday spirit but I’m sure my property manager wouldn’t be the least bit amused. A nice holiday wreath will set the mood for guests and anyone who walks past your door, and let them know you are decking the halls.

I hope these tips help you along the way and put you in a joyful mood!

- Taylor