Husband of WAGS Redefined Founder on SportsCenter

For those who don't know, I think the world of my husband. I don't think highly of him because he's a professional athlete or because he's handsome with a killer smile (although those are all good things). I think highly of him because of the man he is. In addition to being a good-hearted Southern gentleman, he's also a go-getter. He was drafted to the Carolina Panthers in 2009 and spent four years with them before tearing his ACL and MCL in his contract year. The year we started dating, he was not playing with a team but rehabbing. After a year of training with dreams to play in the NFL again, he was given the opportunity to do so by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last year, I saw him released by the Jaguars in the last minutes of final roster cuts and re-signed by them three weeks later (to finish out the season). This year, it was like deja vu as he was released by the Bears the day after final cuts (yes, I said the day after final roster cuts). I was sitting next to him when he received the call to bring in his iPad (so I felt it too). He was re-signed by the Bears a month later. So here we are...back in the madness of football life! I think it's important to note that during his time off, he wasn't sitting around depressed about not playing football. He was doing this... [Watch his interview with SportCenter's Zubin Mehenti below] ESPN interview

ESPN interview

ESPN interview
Questions answered include:
  1. Where did this all start?
  2. Why do you enjoy it so much?
  3. You recently got married. Would your wife say, 'you can cut my hair?'
  4. Is this something you are looking to pursue long-term?