Mother. Fiancée. Masseuse?: DIY Massage Candles


Football season is in full effect, and for myself, that means endless anxiety. From worrying about what team my fiancé will end up on, to traveling with an infant to wherever he goes. Then, there is the never ending and probably most nerve wrecking fear of all, the fear of an injury. Injuries are taboo in the NFL. Not to even be thought about and definitely never spoken of. From the first preseason game to the Super Bowl, us WAGS spend endless hours in prayer. Praying that our men don't get tackled too hard, bending their knees, shoulders, feet, fingers or anything in an unnatural way. As funny as this may sound, given the physical nature of the sport, we long for the end of the game, so we can do a thorough examination of our men, ensuring that every strand of hair is in place. But, unfortunately, life happens. Sometimes, even the best of them become vulnerable.

Last season, my fiancé suffered an injury. Seeing him torn away from the game he loves so deeply, made me appreciate his work ethic and sacrifice even more. I spent countless hours massaging his injury. There were times when my fingers would cramp, and I could tell he noticed because he would suggest that I stop, insisting that he felt better. I couldn't stop. I wanted to make it go away so I massaged and massaged.

My favorite massaging products at the time were the massage bars from LUSH cosmetics. I mean, those things melted like butter on warm skin. I absolutely LOVED them. However, they can start to add up in cost. I believe they are meant for occasional indulging, not daily use. I started thinking of ways to save and began searching our apartment for multi-use products. This brought me to the idea of making my own massage candles, with the intent of incorporating as many household products as possible. I now bring this cost effective, easy to do, project to you all.

What I Use:

  • ¾ cup of Soy Wax Flakes (Can be found at your local crafts store for about $9)
  • 2 tbsp. Unrefined Coconut Oil (I tend to always have this in my cabinet for cooking purposes, but can be found in any grocery store.)
  • 1 tbsp. 100% Natural Shea Butter or any kind of body butter i.e. Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter (I was once a natural hair enthusiast, so this was a staple in my hair cabinet. I now use it on my daughters’ hair.)
  • Approx. 25 drops of Fragrance Oil (Can be found at your local crafts store. I am using a blend of essential oils tailored to stress relief.)
  • 1 candle jar (I found a metal candle jar at the crafts store for $1.49.)

My Process:

  1. In a small metal bowl, combine the soy wax, coconut oil (or oil of choice), and shea butter (or butter of choice).
  2. Next, set the bowl over a small pot, making sure to add about 2-3 inches of water to the pot. Turn on medium high. *
  3. Stir occasionally until the mixture has completely melted, leaving behind no solid pieces. Remove from heat.
  4. Now add the fragrance oil and mix. This is where I like to take a plastic spoon, scoop out some of the mixture, and do a test.
  5. Gently pour it onto the back of your hand, rub it in and smell. This should let you know if you need to add more fragrance oil.
  6. Remove the bowl from the pot, making sure to be careful by wearing a mitt, and using tongs.
  7. With your candle jar ready, pour the mixture into the jar, leaving about 1 inch at the top. Let sit for 10 minutes.
  8. After the 10 minutes, gently place the wick into the center of the candle, making sure not to bend the wick (I've learned that by using 2 plastic knives, I can keep the wick upright and in place.) Let sit for an hour.
  9. Test the candle by touching it, to ensure the mixture has hardened. It should not be rock hard, and should give with slight pressure. Trim the wick, leaving some length.

Voilà! A perfect massage candle to set the mood, or in my case, massage your athletic fiancé.

*The mixture can also be melted in the microwave, in a microwavable bowl. However, I would suggest microwaving in 1 minute intervals and stirring. This will ensure that the mixture is heated evenly.