Travel Thursday: Travel Like Pros with Pro Athlete Travel

WAGS are far from amateurs when it comes to travel (#gypsylife). Aside from supporting our partners all across the globe, we tend to enjoy our share of vacations and trips (destination weddings, engagement shoots, anniversaries, birthdays, annual girl trips, etc). Who doesn't? I'm always looking for ways to travel better and more effective, especially with a business and household to run. Meet Pro Athlete Travel, a premiere travel agency for women like you. I sat down with Tim May, Managing Partner of the company, to discuss why WAGS should know about Pro Athlete Travel. 

**WAGS attending the inaugural WAGcademy conference will have the chance to connect with Pro Athlete Travel on a personal level!

Our travel agents create a custom itinerary, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences—so you can spend your time on other things. And, this is a completely free service to pros, WAGS and their families.

Who is Pro Athlete Travel?

Pro Athlete Travel is a full service travel agency, servicing the travel planning needs of current and former pro athletes and their families, in season and out of season.

When on vacation, a room with a private pool on a private strip of the beach can do wonders for your marriage...if you catch our drift
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What are the advantages of BOOKING THROUGH PRO ATHLETE TRAVEL?

We have an elevated status and exclusive relationship with almost every hotel brand, resort, airline, private jet company, cruise line and rental car company. These professional travel connections mean we get our clients more for their money than they would if they were to book their own travel. Our clients often get complimentary upgrades and amenities that otherwise would have to be paid for.

We also save our clients a ton of time. Studies show that the average person spends 4 to 8 hours total, over multiple days, planning their own vacation, from the time they begin to research the needed aspects for their trip, to booking the trip, to what to do while on the trip. Our travel agents create a custom itinerary, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences—so you can spend your time on other things. And, this is a completely free service to pros, WAGS and their families.

One thing many consumers are not aware of is airlines are now engaging in dynamic (or customized) pricing, which uses identifying information like your IP address or browser history to calculate exactly how much you are willing to pay.


One thing many consumers are not aware of is airlines are now engaging in dynamic (or customized) pricing, which uses identifying information like your IP address or browser history to calculate exactly how much you are willing to pay. Dynamic pricing makes it even more difficult than it already is for consumers booking their own travel to get an unbiased price comparison because in many cases their personal details are being used by the airline when browsing online to upsell them on an airfare purchase. While there is no guarantee that it will always work, a consumer can attempt to get around dynamic pricing by clearing their history or hiding their device type. Pro Athlete Travel alleviates the uncertainty of it's clients knowing whether they are getting the best pricing because our system is directly connected with each airlines' reservation system, bypassing any personal data gathering mechanisms that may increase pricing.   


Who are some OF YOUR CLIENTS?

We have the pleasure of servicing the newly drafted pro to the seasoned veteran to the retired pro athlete. We service the wives and girlfriends, the moms and dads, and everyone in between within their family circle. Without revealing their names, we recently planned and booked a honeymoon for a couple who had been married for almost 3 years, but the husband was in his last year with the Giants after a 10 year NFL career when they got married and his wife, a former Olympian, had recently transitioned from a very successful professional track and field career, so timing wasn't right for them to go on their honeymoon right after their wedding. The wife worked with us to surprise her husband. They came back from the trip so excited and satisfied and because we planned a trip for them that was only about half of what the wife thought she would have to spend, they are already having us plan their next trip for this December. 


We do more than just vacation planning for our clients. We also arrange the travel needs and logistics for game days and in season and off season business trips. For example, we just arranged the flights and rental cars for a large family for a current Green Bay Packer and his wife, who were putting on their 2nd Annual Football Camp for youth in his hometown. When their flight was delayed on their return flight which was going to cause them to miss their connection back home, our client didn't have to spend any time working with the airline to rebook all 8 family members on the same flight. Our team of travel agents were able to be proactive and got all 8 of them on another flight before that flight sold out. That was music to the ears of both the pro athlete and his pregnant wife.

Where can we find you to learn more?

Unlike when you book your own travel online, having Pro Athlete Travel take care of you means you get US, a real team of dedicated, experienced travel agents. No 1-800 #s to call where you have to dial 1, then 4, then 2 just to then be routed back to the first prompt. Call us at 804-213-2683, email us at or direct message us on Instagram at @proathletetravel. We are also very ecstatic to be a participating vendor at WAGcademy Conference 2018 in Los Angeles this month. What an incredible opportunity for wives and girlfriends from all phases of life, to be able to get together under one roof to learn from and be inspired by each other!


This post has been sponsored by Pro Athlete Travel. 

Tips to packing the PERFECT summer suitcase!


As most of us know, the offseason is often a time for traveling. Whether it’s a “baecation” with just you and your significant other or a family vacation, as women- we need to be prepared for everything. Personally, I tend to over pack but I’m always ready and I love options! There are a few items of importance during offseason travel but before anything else- it is very important to check the weather and culture of your destination in order to pack accordingly. Once that has been done, here is a small guide that has helped me and I hope will help you to pack the right essentials for your trip.

  1. Dress Code image
    1. During the summer months and pretty much anywhere you travel it will be warm unless you’re intentionally choosing to travel north or somewhere colder than normal. The key is to have an idea of what your plans may be once you arrive to your destination. Most people will head somewhere tropical to enjoy the warm sun and sandy beaches. In that case all you will need are a few bright colored bathing suits and flowy dresses to be as comfortable and cool as possible. A little white dress is great for summer and it’s even better if it falls slightly off the shoulders, that way you can dress it up or down. Depending on the length of your trip I would pack at least two outfits for each day; one for day and another for the night time. If you plan on spending the majority of your time at the beach then make sure you pack a variety of swimsuits as well as a few sexy cover ups and comfortable beach sandals. Anything floral is always a good idea for a tropical vacation.
    2. Your shoes are just as important as your outfits!
      1. They can seriously make or break your sanity while traveling. Make sure to pack flats as well as heels for a date night option. It also helps if you pack at least one great pair of running shoes just in case you decide to go for a hike through the rainforest or any other cool excursion. It helps to be prepared and it will definitely decrease your level of stress.

3.  My go to beach essentials:

 1.  Mine include sunscreen, suntan lotion (I prefer the one by Jergens with the added “golden glow”), a pair of oversized sunglasses, and a hat to shield your pretty face from direct sunlight. Now call me crazy but I do wear my foundation on the beach. It actually has SPF so I know pretty well protected AND I can always get some good selfies while I’m out there. Win -Win! Also, remember to keep your skin hydrated in such a warm environment by drinking lots of water. Any body wash that has an extra exfoliation component will help your skin stay smooth and rid you of any dead skin cells you may encounter. At night try to rehydrate your skin from being on the beach by using a shower lotion on your body. I would suggest Olay Ultra Moisture In Shower Body Lotion or Nivea. Both do a great job at hydrating your skin.

 4.  Hair:

  1. My recommendation is that you twist or braid your hair in a desired style so that you won’t have to worry too much about styling. Putting too much heat in your hair can cause serious damage especially when your hair is getting wet daily (while on vacay.) For my natural hair I use Organic Dry Shampoo and I spritz it with water to keep it hydrated.
  1. Accessories: image
    1. A statement necklace and classic gold pieces with big and bold cocktail rings to match can really bring your outfit to life. Pair your long necklace with your white off the shoulder dress and instantly upgrade your look from “boho to boho chic!” Another great idea is stackable bracelets. I love my Alex and Ani bracelets and they pair well with the rest of my gold accessories. Also, your personal bag or purse. I’ve always thought it was easier to travel with a miniature backpack or a cross body tote. With the backpack you are able to carry a large amount of items including a water bottle (I prefer the glass or stainless steel because they stay cool longer), your makeup bag and other must needed toiletries. The cross body is a good idea when you’re out having lunch, shopping or just exploring. Although it’s smaller than a backpack it is ideal to help keep your hands free so that you can maneuver around much easier and keep up with your children if needed.
    2. Music:
      1. One last thing but still very important is your music. My family loves music so I believe it is necessary to have a few playlists on your phone. One for yourself when you’re relaxing by the pool, which might include Beyoncé or Adele depending on your mood, one for the kids and another playlist for you and your honey. Music is very important when you’re trying to set the mood so don’t skip this step!

Lastly, be sure to try on all your outfits before packing so that you have a sense of what goes with what. This helps so that you don’t over pack items you only hope to wear as opposed to what you will wear. Pack things that will make you feel effortless and comfortable. This is a strategy I learned after having my daughter. When I was in my early 20s, I was able to “eye” a piece of clothing and automatically know how it would fit my body but now that’s impossible. I have to try things on in order to get an understanding of how it will fit and that way I don’t over pack as much. I hope my tips help with your summer plans! ENJOY!

Putting the OFF in offseason

OK, OK.  So, I know technically it's not exactly the “off season” but most of our guys do have a few weeks where they don’t have to report to the facilities.  I remember the first year I realized that the guys had some time off in the summer and I was so excited for beach trips and fun in the sun with my man! Little did I know I was going to be disappointed.  

Summer around the NFL can mean football camps, weddings, agent extravaganzas and babies (if you were lucky enough to time it just right.)  The adorable child-fans are finally out of school and can't wait to see their favorite players, whether it’s signing autographs, attending their camps or seeing them train outside in the hot sun of their local neighborhoods. Engaged NFL couples that weren’t married in the spring are probably getting married in the summer.  After spending the whole day in the sun working our honey's camps -coordinating kids and volunteers, directing people on where to go AND reminding everyone about the importance of hydration (other people worry about that right? or is that just me?), you are probably still not heading home for a nap.  You’re most likely running errands, picking out a baby gift, washing clothes and packing for your next trip or entertaining your own child for the rest of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I know my honey does too. So much that he started a foundation to make sure that I never have free time—I mean, to give back to the community.

Looking at our calendar we are busy ALL SUMMER SIXTEEN *insert Drake voice here*. We have one weekend that we don’t have anything planned but we also need to pack up our entire house, so my guess is THAT will be that weekend.  Trust me, I’m not complaining.  What I’m trying to say is: SUMMER IS EXHAUSTING!

So here are a few things to do to relax and get in your slice of personal time with little to no planning.

1. Backyard Dinners

I haven’t tried this one quite yet but I’ve been waiting to. Something about the summer night sky that is just as beautiful as it was when I was a kid gets me every time.  Send the kids to bed, grandma’s or even a friend’s house.  Order something good from one of those amazing new delivery services (postmates, favor, foodie call, eat in out etc.) that don’t just deliver fast food.  Open a bottle of wine and just have dinner.  If you want something with a little more "pizazz", you can hire a chef, a two or three person wait staff or a personal bartender for the night.  If you have a hot tub or pool then a late night dip after dinner may not be a bad option either.

2. Have him try your workout (and vice versa)!

Even in the off-season our guys are making sure they are staying in shape and ready for camp. Oftentimes, I run off to one work out and my honey runs off to another.  So, a few years ago I introduced him to a Barre work out that I had been doing and HE LOVED IT.  So much that he got his friends together and they do Barre without me!  Sometimes I tag along to his gym workouts and do what I can and he encourages me when I get embarrassed (nothing like tripping over agility ropes around professional athletes.)  I love these days because I get to see how hard he’s working and it just feels good to hear his encouragement and excitement. This also leads to impromptu lunch dates and great laughs for the rest of the day because I’m not the most athletic.


3. Go see a movie

No, not “date night."  Go in the middle of the day. Actually, go right after a football camp. Go when you’re hot, sweaty and just plain tired. It’s a great way to simply relax. It's cold and the theater is likely empty and guess what?  You don’t even have to talk. You’ve probably been on your feet, talking, entertaining and directing everyone else all day long.  A midday movie is a great way to escape away from phones and e-mails and reset for the rest of the day.

4. Shopping

For me, sometimes shopping is a chore. I’m lugging around a baby or chasing around a toddler most of the time.  I can’t zip myself, I tend to get annoyed by the large heaps of unorganized clothes and I don’t like crowds. What I do enjoy is when we use a weekday and we ditch the kid (usually he’s at daycare but if you’re a SAHM try swapping play dates with a friend to get away—"it takes a village.")  These shopping dates double as fun and functional.  We go off in search of an outfit for an event or wedding and it's fun because we get to laugh when things look horrible, he’s there to hold my things and even catch a glimpse of my nakie *insert winking face here*.  Then, I get to help him pick out a coordinating outfit and if you’re particularly stylish (unlike myself) you get to dress him up. When you give yourself time to do this kind of shopping its actually pretty fun and light.

5. Test Drive Cars

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I find something particularly fun about test driving dream cars.  My husband doesn’t have a multimillion dollar contract and that’s totally okay with me but, that’s not going to stop me from at least test driving the car of my dreams!  Call me simple, basic or whatever but some luxury cars have features that are very cool to test out (I drive a 2016 Ford Edge so I may be easily impressed.) Keep in mind that these test drives don’t have to be at the dealerships.  Many rental car companies keep dream cars in stock and you can use a quick Google search for exotic car rentals and rent one there.  So why not rent one of those for the next time y’all will be out running errands?  Take the long way home or head to a drive in movie together!

I may never own my dream car, we may not visit every place on my bucket list and there have been years where a trip wasn’t in the plans.  In fact, we still haven’t gone on our “honeymoon."  We spent a few days fishing at someone else’s lake house, eating horrible Mexican food and takeout for the days immediately following our April wedding.  I laugh when I remember walking out of a dressing room to find my husband leaned against a wall asleep.  My heart is full when I think about how hard he tried to make the perfect proposal only to have us sleep in a literal "roach motel" that night because he forgot to book a room in San Antonio (full disclaimer, we had to buy our own sheets and Lysol because it was so dirty).

Trust me, I understand the urge to want to escape to a beach far away, especially when so many of our friends are posting about their extravaganzas.  But I’ve learned through the years that the time I spend with my husband isn’t any more special, domestic or abroad.  We will continue to make sure we cater to our relationship as we strive to impact others and be supportive of our friends.

What are some things you are doing to make sure you get a little alone time with your guy? Drop us a comment and give your fellow WAGS some suggestions!