Travel Thursday: Travel Like Pros with Pro Athlete Travel

WAGS are far from amateurs when it comes to travel (#gypsylife). Aside from supporting our partners all across the globe, we tend to enjoy our share of vacations and trips (destination weddings, engagement shoots, anniversaries, birthdays, annual girl trips, etc). Who doesn't? I'm always looking for ways to travel better and more effective, especially with a business and household to run. Meet Pro Athlete Travel, a premiere travel agency for women like you. I sat down with Tim May, Managing Partner of the company, to discuss why WAGS should know about Pro Athlete Travel. 

**WAGS attending the inaugural WAGcademy conference will have the chance to connect with Pro Athlete Travel on a personal level!

Our travel agents create a custom itinerary, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences—so you can spend your time on other things. And, this is a completely free service to pros, WAGS and their families.

Who is Pro Athlete Travel?

Pro Athlete Travel is a full service travel agency, servicing the travel planning needs of current and former pro athletes and their families, in season and out of season.

When on vacation, a room with a private pool on a private strip of the beach can do wonders for your marriage...if you catch our drift
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What are the advantages of BOOKING THROUGH PRO ATHLETE TRAVEL?

We have an elevated status and exclusive relationship with almost every hotel brand, resort, airline, private jet company, cruise line and rental car company. These professional travel connections mean we get our clients more for their money than they would if they were to book their own travel. Our clients often get complimentary upgrades and amenities that otherwise would have to be paid for.

We also save our clients a ton of time. Studies show that the average person spends 4 to 8 hours total, over multiple days, planning their own vacation, from the time they begin to research the needed aspects for their trip, to booking the trip, to what to do while on the trip. Our travel agents create a custom itinerary, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodations, tours, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences—so you can spend your time on other things. And, this is a completely free service to pros, WAGS and their families.

One thing many consumers are not aware of is airlines are now engaging in dynamic (or customized) pricing, which uses identifying information like your IP address or browser history to calculate exactly how much you are willing to pay.


One thing many consumers are not aware of is airlines are now engaging in dynamic (or customized) pricing, which uses identifying information like your IP address or browser history to calculate exactly how much you are willing to pay. Dynamic pricing makes it even more difficult than it already is for consumers booking their own travel to get an unbiased price comparison because in many cases their personal details are being used by the airline when browsing online to upsell them on an airfare purchase. While there is no guarantee that it will always work, a consumer can attempt to get around dynamic pricing by clearing their history or hiding their device type. Pro Athlete Travel alleviates the uncertainty of it's clients knowing whether they are getting the best pricing because our system is directly connected with each airlines' reservation system, bypassing any personal data gathering mechanisms that may increase pricing.   


Who are some OF YOUR CLIENTS?

We have the pleasure of servicing the newly drafted pro to the seasoned veteran to the retired pro athlete. We service the wives and girlfriends, the moms and dads, and everyone in between within their family circle. Without revealing their names, we recently planned and booked a honeymoon for a couple who had been married for almost 3 years, but the husband was in his last year with the Giants after a 10 year NFL career when they got married and his wife, a former Olympian, had recently transitioned from a very successful professional track and field career, so timing wasn't right for them to go on their honeymoon right after their wedding. The wife worked with us to surprise her husband. They came back from the trip so excited and satisfied and because we planned a trip for them that was only about half of what the wife thought she would have to spend, they are already having us plan their next trip for this December. 


We do more than just vacation planning for our clients. We also arrange the travel needs and logistics for game days and in season and off season business trips. For example, we just arranged the flights and rental cars for a large family for a current Green Bay Packer and his wife, who were putting on their 2nd Annual Football Camp for youth in his hometown. When their flight was delayed on their return flight which was going to cause them to miss their connection back home, our client didn't have to spend any time working with the airline to rebook all 8 family members on the same flight. Our team of travel agents were able to be proactive and got all 8 of them on another flight before that flight sold out. That was music to the ears of both the pro athlete and his pregnant wife.

Where can we find you to learn more?

Unlike when you book your own travel online, having Pro Athlete Travel take care of you means you get US, a real team of dedicated, experienced travel agents. No 1-800 #s to call where you have to dial 1, then 4, then 2 just to then be routed back to the first prompt. Call us at 804-213-2683, email us at or direct message us on Instagram at @proathletetravel. We are also very ecstatic to be a participating vendor at WAGcademy Conference 2018 in Los Angeles this month. What an incredible opportunity for wives and girlfriends from all phases of life, to be able to get together under one roof to learn from and be inspired by each other!


This post has been sponsored by Pro Athlete Travel. 

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Butler Bora Bora Heart
Butler Bora Bora Heart

One of my favorite quotes is, "There is nowhere to go but everywhere so keep on rolling under the stars." I feel invigorated every time I think of this quote because it instantly sparks energy, curiosity and excitement in me. Someone once told me they believe there are three things that can bring someone happiness: 1) Being with the one you love and caring for people 2) Giving back through charity and community work 3) Going outside your comfort zone and doing something completely new.

Despite what people may think, us wives, fiancées and girlfriends usually stick to routines. During the season, your other half has his superstitions and diet/nutrition he maintains, so you probably don’t waver far off track. In addition to sticking to those habits, you are juggling your family’s daily activities and community service events while taking care of yourself too!

I know it's hard to say we have a "comfort zone" in this crazy, unpredictable, yet unbelievable profession - but if we are lucky enough, you can find that comfort zone.

I am extremely grateful for the comfort zone my husband and I have built. I'm simply here to say, during the off-season, step outside of that zone when you can. During the down time, take advantage of this amazing life we live. Travel the world, go to a new continent or country, city or state, or just do a fun day activity in your town!

Butler Paris
Butler Paris
Butler Ireland
Butler Ireland
Butler London
Butler London

I can't sing enough praises on what a new adventure (big or small) does for your soul and your relationship. My husband and I have been lucky enough to travel to the most amazing destinations due to fun and quirky reasons. Watching a movie lured us to swimming with sharks in the Tahitian Islands. A television show led us to scaling glaciers on a prop plane in New Zealand. This off-season we planned an entire EuroTrip that stemmed from the crazy idea of what it would be like in Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick's Day.

Butler Bora Bora
Butler Bora Bora
Butler Bora Bora Sharks-5
Butler Bora Bora Sharks-5
Butler NZ plane
Butler NZ plane
Butler NZ 2
Butler NZ 2
Butler NZ
Butler NZ
Butler Hot Air Balloon
Butler Hot Air Balloon
Butler Hot Air Balloon 2
Butler Hot Air Balloon 2

If traveling isn’t easy for you because of your beautiful kids or other circumstances, then plan a day activity in your hometown! It has always been on my bucket list to go on a hot air balloon flight but my husband was always terrified and never wanted to. After years of hearing about his fear, this off-season he surprised me and we went on the most awe-inspiring hot air balloon excursion that took us to new heights - 7,000 feet above our breathtaking state of Arizona - creating a million and one memories for the rest of our lives.

It is invigorating and empowering doing something new. Always make an effort to treat yourself and your significant other after a long season of hard work and laser focus. With minicamp recently ending, this is our last bit of off-season before a new (and hopefully long) season begins! So please, go fulfill your desires, chase that daydream and your bucket list one check at a time... You deserve it.

Offseason doesn't have to mean you quit: Hotel Workouts for the Busiest of Ladies

It’s the off season! While having your player home for these few months is fun it also brings home lots of extra chores, and travel! We are all trying to squeeze in seeing everyone’s family and maybe (hopefully) a vacation before the off season ends. This means hotel gyms with limited equipment and no one to watch baby if you opt for a couples gains sesh. anniefitness1Here are some great no equipment cardio workouts to do on the beach, in the room, or in hotel gym!

  • 30 Jumping Jacks for warmup (X standing crunches if pregnant)

Preform 30 of each repeating 3 times

Plank Jax

Plank with hip tap

High Knees (Walking if pregnant)

Jumping Lunges (pulses if pregnant)

Jumping Squats (pulses if pregnant0

Jumping Jax (X standing crunches if pregnant)

High Knees

Flutter Kicks


Side Planksanniefitness

High Knees

  • 50 Jumping Jacks for warmup (X standing crunches if pregnant)

50 Knees or regular pushups

50 Sumo Squats

50 Sit ups (50 Sec. plank if pregnant)

50 Side lunges

Keep repeating ladder preforming all of the movements 40 reps, 30 reps, 20 reps, 10 reps.

Always remember to stretch after you cool down! Happy Traveling!