Oh my Two Year Old


This one is for my mommas out here wrestling a tiny human with "Lord only knows" what in their mouth. This one is for my mommas practicing their spidey senses as they snatch the tail end of their toddler's shirt as they get ready to sprint away from the checkout line while you’re holding 86 other things in your hands.Girl, I am with you. Lets take a breath together.

Two can be a tough age! Your baby is transitioning out of baby stage and doesn’t quite have all the words they need to communicate which can lead to frustration for momma and baby. Then comes the curiosity, overwhelming curiosity about their surroundings and a new-found level of SPEED to go with that. They are starting to have a real voice, discovering likes and dislikes, and displaying clear-cut emotions about those things. When you lay it out, it sounds amazing! This is your baby we are talking about. A few short months ago, you couldn’t picture him/her doing all of this and now its here!


AAAAND it may very well be more than you bargained for. Because your toddler “discovering their voice” as they screech in the middle of Barnes and Noble because you broke off a piece of the granola bar instead of handing over the entire thing so they can choke… is not so fun. The days are long, hopefully the coffee is strong and we are all just busy- loving and learning this ever-changing little person. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes there are just tough days and “what am I doing wrong?” creeps in to your head and it's easy to forget that this is just a phase. Especially when you’re alone or in a new city or if this is your first baby and you don’t have anyone around to relate. I’m here to be honest with you, relate to you and encourage you because it does get better!! There is an end here.  Eventually, they grow out of this stage and you are not the only one arguing with your child over the way you sliced the grilled cheese.   

Lately, I have been feeling like my sweet baby has been replaced by this speeding bullet of a child (I’m blaming the athletic roots, but my goodness he is fast! ) But then, just as the last drop of caffeine has left my system, as I tuck him into bed, I say goodnight and turn my back to walk out of the room I hear a sweet sleepy “Love you mommy” as he rolls over to sleep. That will bring you to your knees!! And just like that, it’s all worth it.  Just like that, your heart is full.

If your toddler can’t yet remind you that they love you, I will. You are the backbone to this family. If you feel overwhelmed today, I want to remind you that they are still watching you so take a break and show them love and discipline out of necessity and not frustration. Finally, I want to remind you that you are not alone and there are so many of us just like you.  So, lets slow down the picture perfect mom posts and embrace what’s really happening here. Your baby is growing up! Smile, momma and go hug that crazy kid of yours ;)