WAGS REDEFINED is a movement to advance the platform and community for the wives and girlfriends of athletes through media and live events.


When I started WAGS REDEFINED in 2015, I was simply following the conviction of the vision God gave me. I couldn't find an outlet doing what I had a passion to do, so I created it. But I often struggled with WHY. Why was I being told to serve a group of women who by many definitions are privileged? Even though I myself was a WAG and desired to create an online community for WAGS that didn't exist, I still wondered what the end game would be. I received many blank stares and confused looks during those days. Why would I care about addressing stereotypes and changing the public perception of athlete significant others? It was a pointless game plan and a waste of time, they'd say. It wasn't until earlier this year, having been faithful to the business for two years that I finally accepted the fact that serving WAGS is enough because this community is POWERFUL. Our husbands and boyfriends have a platform--when they talk, people listen. They are elevated above civilian status. And yet at home, the HABS (husbands and boyfriends) listen to us.



We are powerful, yet we are marginalized.

Many of us have experienced being referred to as so and so's wife. Or my favorite, had one of our man's fans ask us to take a photo of them. By and large, the media has had a disinterest in interviewing WAGS, opting to report on the sexy eye candy of the world's best athletes or the woman after his money. Our voices have gone unheard. Since 2015, it has been my pleasure to shed light on a side of WAGS that is rarely portrayed in the media. I know for sure now that I have empowered WAGS to use their voice and share their stories (many have told me so). I'm proud of that fact. I'm also proud that certain media outlets are taking notice of the movement, and the discussion of WAGS is in fact changing (although there is progress to be made). My focus has shifted to better connect WAGS with resources, opportunities and other women in a similar space. I'm looking forward to the future of WAGS REDEFINED and continued growth of our media, live events, and community.

We are powerful, yet we are marginalized.

The term WAGS refers to wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, and the stereotypes are not positive ones. We are REDEFINING the term to show you who we really are, and extraordinary women we are. Everyone has a story. This is ours. 

- #redefineWAGS -

LeShonda Martin, Founder