A WAG’s Truth: On Injuries

A WAG’s Truth: On Injuries

It’s hard to describe it. The feeling a WAG gets in the pit of her stomach when her man goes down on the field. Normally he jumps right back up after a tackle. But sometimes, he doesn’t. Sometimes, he lies there a little longer than you know he should. The trainers and team doctors corral around him and…

WAGtober Meet the WAGS: Nancy Hernandez

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Meet Nancy. We featured Nancy in our newest brand illustration holding her newborn baby and we are in love with how it turned out! This gorgeous Dallas-native and husband, Moises Hernandez, recently welcomed baby boy Aaron to the world. Nancy sat down with WR editors to give us the tea on her love story, experience with the fans, and life as a full time student and mom while hubby plays soccer in another country (Guatemala)! Read the exclusive interview after the break!


He's Training and I'm Draining: Training Camp

Training camp is hard for WAGs. I don’t think people truly understand why or how. In all honesty, I didn't really either until I had to live it.  But here I am, three days in and all I can say is, IT SUCKS.

Featured WAG: Danielle Herzlich

Featured WAG: Danielle Herzlich

Meet Danielle Herzlich, an American Soldier, a fearlesss champion for domestic violence, a fitness aficionado, the wife of NY Giants Mark Herzlich and as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside! Danielle's philanthropic work in the community along with her brave service to our country are the epitome of a redefined WAG. 

Six Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Six Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do

Pregnancy bliss is all about making the best choices for your health and well-being during one of the most beautiful and challenging times of your life. The way we take care of ourselves during pregnancy is essential to the success of our unborn baby as well as our minds and bodies, post pregnancy.

Ball Games and Babies: Tips on tackling motherhood and gameday

Here we are in week 4 of the regular season! Meaning, training camp is over and I’m no longer chasing a 2 year-old off of the field in the hot sun every time he sees his daddy.


Watching Sophia (my daughter) turn one is the most beautiful part about her birthday.  She can hear out of both ears, see out of both eyes, she's walking, speaking languages I've never heard before, she likes Waffles and loves sweet potatoes. 

Growing in God

Usually I can just sit down and start writing. The words just seem to flow but this time was different. I was nervous and anxious but I wasn't sure why. Despite knowing what I wanted to write about, I kept delaying the inevitable. Why wasn't it flowing? Why was I being so hesitant about writing this time? Was it because it was too personal or hitting a little too close to home? Or maybe I wasn't making it a priority. I decided "enough was enough" and I needed to get this out. I believe that if God puts something on your heart, you better listen. No need to miss blessings because of laziness. Throughout my journey in growing in God, I have tried to be a better person, making adjustments here and there just like we all do. Most of those changes didn't cause much of a fuss in my life and seemed easy— but then God challenged me. Why was it okay for me to grow in God but not others?

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister. - Romans 14:13 NIV

We are all guilty of judging others. No matter how many church services we attend or holy communions we take, at some point in our lives we have judged someone else. Whether it be how they dress, how they look, or even how they raise their children. We have all done it. Primarily we judge others based on how their behavior or actions measure up to our moral compass. This is a part of life but I realized that even if the person has changed, often we don't allow the perception of how we think of them to change. We create this barrier in our minds that blocks out their growth. We refuse to believe that our pettiness is no longer warranted or excusable. I was guilty of all of these things. Why was I still holding on to stuff people did in college or even last year? How could I grow in God but not give them the grace that God so eagerly gives to us?

After the nagging feeling just wouldn't go away, I started to evaluate myself. I realized that whatever I was holding on to was holding me back from being greater. So I made a decision that I would allow others to grow in God. Who was I to refuse that? If someone reached out or apologized for their wrongs, I wouldn't secretly wish they didn't so I could be the “better person.” Also, I decided to not let the opinions of others prevent me from developing my own opinion of someone. Just like I grew, others can too.

As women in this crazy NFL life it is easy to just judge others or refuse to associate with someone based on who they used to be. As women we should challenge one another to grow in God not through criticism or judgment but through love. Growing in God is a blessing that is not limited to the few that qualify; it is open to everyone.

Oh my Two Year Old


This one is for my mommas out here wrestling a tiny human with "Lord only knows" what in their mouth. This one is for my mommas practicing their spidey senses as they snatch the tail end of their toddler's shirt as they get ready to sprint away from the checkout line while you’re holding 86 other things in your hands.Girl, I am with you. Lets take a breath together.

Two can be a tough age! Your baby is transitioning out of baby stage and doesn’t quite have all the words they need to communicate which can lead to frustration for momma and baby. Then comes the curiosity, overwhelming curiosity about their surroundings and a new-found level of SPEED to go with that. They are starting to have a real voice, discovering likes and dislikes, and displaying clear-cut emotions about those things. When you lay it out, it sounds amazing! This is your baby we are talking about. A few short months ago, you couldn’t picture him/her doing all of this and now its here!


AAAAND it may very well be more than you bargained for. Because your toddler “discovering their voice” as they screech in the middle of Barnes and Noble because you broke off a piece of the granola bar instead of handing over the entire thing so they can choke… is not so fun. The days are long, hopefully the coffee is strong and we are all just busy- loving and learning this ever-changing little person. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes there are just tough days and “what am I doing wrong?” creeps in to your head and it's easy to forget that this is just a phase. Especially when you’re alone or in a new city or if this is your first baby and you don’t have anyone around to relate. I’m here to be honest with you, relate to you and encourage you because it does get better!! There is an end here.  Eventually, they grow out of this stage and you are not the only one arguing with your child over the way you sliced the grilled cheese.   

Lately, I have been feeling like my sweet baby has been replaced by this speeding bullet of a child (I’m blaming the athletic roots, but my goodness he is fast! ) But then, just as the last drop of caffeine has left my system, as I tuck him into bed, I say goodnight and turn my back to walk out of the room I hear a sweet sleepy “Love you mommy” as he rolls over to sleep. That will bring you to your knees!! And just like that, it’s all worth it.  Just like that, your heart is full.

If your toddler can’t yet remind you that they love you, I will. You are the backbone to this family. If you feel overwhelmed today, I want to remind you that they are still watching you so take a break and show them love and discipline out of necessity and not frustration. Finally, I want to remind you that you are not alone and there are so many of us just like you.  So, lets slow down the picture perfect mom posts and embrace what’s really happening here. Your baby is growing up! Smile, momma and go hug that crazy kid of yours ;)