5 Ways to Brand Your Business as a Wagpreneur

So what is a Wagpreneur? A WAGpreneur is a WAG + Entrepreneur that has her own business, brand, blog, product or more.

As WAGpreneurs, we are constantly devoting our time to our husbands/fiancés/boyfriends and families while being a true support system (especially during football season). We are also the rock of our families. But what about us? Do we make time for self-care and fun? I'm not just speaking of manicure and pedicures. I'm speaking of true fun enjoying something that truly makes us happy.

Many mothers sacrifice to cater to their families and make sure everything is going well around the house. Many of us are in graduate school, or have full - time careers. Others have fun hobbies such as blogging or building a business from the ground up. No matter what you choose to participate in, do what makes you happy. That is why it is always fun to pursue creative projects that you are truly passionate about.

Whether you run a foundation, work for a non-profit organization, run a blog, or desire to create your own business--I'm here to tell you it is possible! Find out what you want to do and GO FOR IT!

As your business grows it is essential to develop creative marketing strategies to increase awareness for your brand. 


Here are 5 Ways to Brand Your Business as a Wagpreneur:


1. Volunteer

Expand your brand by volunteering in your community, sponsoring items, or placing your business cards in gift bags. 


2. Support other Wagpreneurs

Attend events, repost flyers on your Instagram Story, sponsor items, barter services or even retweet their services(if you still use Twitter.) Here are a few Wagpreneurs who have amazing brands that you should check out:


 (Event Planning) @EventsbyCCM by @ChynnaCM



(Style & Fashion Blogger) @LexLately_ by @AlexisVictorrriiia



(Custom Apparel & Custom Bling Designs) @TheDiamondDuchess



(Interior Designer) @NadiaLoney



(Sports Attorney, & Custom Crafts) @FabBabyTreasures by @TPattBrown



(Food Blogger) @FirstandFull by Marissa Allen



(Custom Game Day Apparel) @ShopAngelMitchel by @AngelMitchel_


**My custom shirts are  from @AngelMitchel_ of @ShopAngelMitchel! She is an amazing Wagpreneur with creative designs for all of your game day apparel needs and more! **

(Dance Coach & Choreographer) @DanceThroughLife.Choreo by @ToriaDouglas


 (Founder of Wags Redefined) @WagsRedefined by @Lele_Pg


3. Collaborate with other Wagpreneurs

When you are not busy attending games or spending time with family, you can find ways to expand your brand. Be sure to attend events, meetups or even a brunch to advertise your products or services. If there isn’t anything going on, it is always a great idea to create the things you wish existed! Connect with other WAGS or local businesses and partner with them for a Mommy & Me Day Out (go to the park, host a paint night, create book club meetups or even kid- friendly movie nights).


I was amazed to see some WAGS participating in Oprah Parties! I would love to attend an Oprah Party by the way! If you’ve been to one before please inform me of how it went and what takes place! The photos looked amazing!


Not only is this a way to meet other people and build long-lasting bonds you are able to expand your brand while supporting others too. I reached out to Morgan Goodwin this week and we are in the process of creating a Ladies and Lemonade for the Wags of our football team. Collaboration over Competiton is always imperative while building genuine relationships.


Fun Fact: Morgan Goodwin and I went to the same High School in  Decatur, Georgia. We were both athletes in college on scholarships and now both of our partners play for the San Francisco 49ers! (Small World)

Fun Fact: Morgan Goodwin and I went to the same High School in Decatur, Georgia. We were both athletes in college on scholarships and now both of our partners play for the San Francisco 49ers! (Small World)

Collaboration over Competiton is always imperative when building genuine relationships.
— @ChynnaCM

4. Invest and Advertise

Invest in your business. You can take the DIY route if you are creatively-inclined. If you are not too fond of Photoshop check out www.canva.com! Canva is a fun and creative website that allows you to design custom graphics for FREE! They also include templates that make it simple to design your own flyers, invites, snapchat filters, and more!

If you want your business to be seen by over 10,000 people on www.wagsredefined.com . Email sales@wagsredefined.com to learn more information! 

5. Use social media to your advantage

Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Use your bio to engage your target audience. Make sure your website is in your bio. Use clear photos when advertising and promoting your business. Creative and captivating captions and flyers will engage your audience. While rebranding, don’t disappear! It is ok to ASK YOUR target audience, followers and supporters WHAT THEY LIKE. Whether it is a new logo, new colors or a new website design, obtaining feedback is essential to your growth!


Purchase t-shirts, pillows, coffee mugs, and journals with your business name, logo, and website. Purchase items that will help your business grow. In the lounge chair of my office space I purchased a pillow with my business name and website. These are innovative ways to promote and advertise your brand through products. You can check out some of my event planning decor below! www.eventsbyccm.com


You can check out some of my event planning decor below! www.eventsbyccm.com

When women work together amazing things happen. How will you use your brand, blog or business to connect and make a meaningful impact in your community?

If you have any questions on how to get started message me: @ChynnaCM of @EventsbyCCM or email me: EventsbyCCM@gmail.com

Meet The Writer:

Chynna Miley, an Atlanta, Georgia native, is a University of Oregon graduate who obtained her Bachelors of Education degree in Family and Human Services. While attending The University of Oregon on a full basketball scholarship she met her now fiancé, Bo Lokombo. She is currently attending graduate school in the Student Affairs and Higher Education Master’s Program. She is the Lead Event Stylist of Events by CCM, and the Creator of Connecting Curlfriends! Chynna is also engaged to #47 of The Baltimore Ravens, Bo Lokombo! Chynna is passionate about building authentic and meaningful community among women and creatives by inspiring people to pursue their passions with ambition, faith, and vision.